Poker Bonus: Match And Max

Are you a good poker bonus hunter? Some texas holdem players get an edge by going after any bonus they can find, signing up for site after site in order to collect the most lucrative bonuses.

As a poker player, you don’t need to be this driven to collect bonuses. However, you should know a thing or two about collecting bonuses for the top us poker rooms where you play.

Understanding Poker Match Bonuses

If you’re going to sign up with a new site, you’re almost definitely going to want a match bonus. As opposed to a fixed bonus that offers an exact amount, a match bonus lets you determine the size of your bonus. Try to stay updated to the latest poker news, for the best offers available.

As the name indicates, with a match bonus, the site with additional funds matches part of your deposit. Signing up with a new site is a big deal, so you should look for a big bonus, like 100 percent match or more. Other bonuses you may collect later on may be match bonuses, but will in all likelihood be for a much smaller percentage of your deposit, and they are often related to how many raked hands  you have played.

Understanding Poker Bonus Maximums

The other side of the match bonus coin is the max deposit. While online poker rooms are willing to part with a fair amount of money in order to get you to sign up, there has to be some limit. The poker room cannot offer 100 percent match on a million dollar deposit.

The max deposit determines that limit. If a site offers a 50 percent bonus with a $300 max deposit, the most bonus money you can get is $150 for that bonus code. You can deposit more than $300, but only the first $300 will be eligible for the bonus.

Understanding Match and Max Together

When hunting for the ideal bonus for you, you should consider both the percentage match and the maximum deposit to ensure that you get the best deal. A 150 percent match bonus with a $50 maximum deposit is not as favorable as a 50 percent match bonus with a $300 maximum deposit, assuming you are willing and able to deposit $300 into your poker account.



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